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Fremantle Natural Health – Naturopath and Kinesiologist

If your ready to make positive health changes in your life then Laura Hickey leading Fremantle Naturopath and Kinesiologist offers experienced, personalised, wholistic health care that gets results. Naturopathy utilises nutritional and herbal medicine, along side diet and lifestyle modifications, whilst Kinesiology explores the emotional and energetic blocks that are holding you and your health back. Treatment is based on research and evidenced based practice, as well as traditional medicine, home remedies, food as medicine, lifestyle changes and Kinesiology balances. Tools used in practice may include extensive functional pathology testing, in-depth case taking, hair mineral analysis, stool analysis and Kinesiology muscle monitoring. As a Naturopath and Kinesiologist Laura ensures you have a comprehensive analysis of your health in order to develop treatment plan that will get results.


What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a medical nutritionist and herbalist with a holistic and natural approach to health. Fremantle Naturopath Laura Hickey seeks to find the underlying cause of your symptoms and then uses food, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes to aid in restoring your health and vitality.  Patient education is an integral part of Laura’s treatment. The more you are able to understand your body and how it works the more you are able to make better choices in regards to your health and well being. 



Kinesiology uses the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Your muscles are connected to and controlled by your nervous system and therefore your brain. Through your muscles the kinesiologist can have a dialogue with your body, on both a physical and emotional level. This information is then discussed with you and as the session progresses links may be made regarding many elements of your well being and associated with different times in your life.