Natural Health Resources

Natural Health Resources

Welcome to the resource page. Here you will find information and natural health treatments for many health conditions. There is also a large collection of information about nutrients and where you can find the nutrients you need from foods you eat as well as how to make the most by increasing your absorption of these nutrients. There is a recipe section full of beautiful tasty foods, all of which I have either created myself, or eaten and loved so I want to share. The Health News and Resources section, is more about things we should be aware of in our environment and also some facts about fads. Its a great post to keep an eye on.

Alright happy reading. Please remember all of this information is generalised and here for you as a guide and a learning tool. Working with your naturopath will always result in the best possible outcome for you as a treatment program will be formulated that is perfect just for you. Naturopath and Kinesiologist Laura Hickey will also ensure you are treating the right condition, as sometimes when we try to self diagnose we get it wrong. Detailed case taking, functional pathology testing and kinesiology muscle testing are all great tools to ensure treatment is focused in the right direction.

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